La Movida Heatmap and Database

This is a generalized impression of La Movida. You can click on the hot spots to see what points contribute to them.

You can view the contents of the complete database through this visualization.

The database is hosted on ArcGIS online. It includes the fields: site name, MovidaID (unique ID), address, lat, lon, source, and venue type. Below is a link to the points data set. It is one feature layer on the La_Movida_Data feature server.

La_Movida_Data feature server includes:
1. The points broken down into publication sources
2. La Movida Data spatially related to the Madrid neighborhoods in 1970 and 1987
3. A shapefile of the M-30, the major highway used in the Barrios visualization to demarcate the center of Madrid
4. Madrid administrative boundaries
5. The type of place, and type of place2 (generalized type of place) fields used to create the Venue Types visualization

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