La Movida Venue Types

Be sure to click on >> on the map to see the legend and select other layers.

La Movida occurred in many different types of venues; public squares, erotic cinemas, hair salons, publishing houses, and studios.

We broke up the points of La Movida into categories depending on the type of venue. These points were then converted into a single line, connecting all points of that type of venue. These lines help show the frequency and distribution of types of La Movida venues.

To represent the venues of La Movida in a data visualization, it was necessary to create broader categories. By creating broader categories, some of the diversity of venues is lost.

The categories in this visualization include:

Art (art galleries, artist studios, dance studios, museums)

Public (public squares, government buildings, markets, stadiums, metros, parks)
Music (music venues, record stores, music stores)
Education (universities, educational centers, schools)
Cultural (cultural centers, foundations)
Night Club (dance halls, discoteques, clubs)
Clothing (clothing stores, fashion design)

Books/prints (bookstores, publishers, libraries)
BarRestoCafe (a combination of three categories with high crossover)

We would like to note some of the venues that were not mentioned frequently enough to warrant a category of their own. This will help illustrate the diversity of physical spaces of La Movida.

– Centro de Psicoterapia SOMA, a psychoanalysis and sexology clinic mentioned in La Luna de Madrid
– Gimnasio Squash Argüelles, a squash gym mentioned in Madrid Me Mata
– Jardín de Infancia, a daycare mentioned in La Lunda de Madrid
– Centro de Danza Karen Taft, a dance studio mentioned in Madrid Me Mata
– Campos de Ibiza, a fragrance store mentioned twice in La Luna de Madrid
– Taller Tiepolo, an art restoration company mentioned in La Luna de Madrid

Some publications mentioned types of spaces more frequently than others.

Madrid Me Mata is the only publication to mention beauty and health stores; Uvasol, Solarium Lagasca, Jeunesse.

Madrid Me Mata is also the only publication to mention churches or chapels.

La Luna de Madrid mentioned four pornodromes. This publication mentioned one of the erotic cinemas, El Poncho Erótico, twice. The other three were Chelsea, Lino and Montmarte.

La Luna de Madrid is the only publication to mention hair salons (5).

Clothing stores were mentioned a total of 110 times in El Paseante, Madrid Me Mata, La Luna de Madrid and Madriz.

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