Comparing the Madrid of ‘La Luna,’ ‘Madrid Me Mata,’ ‘Madriz,’ and ‘El País’

This posting includes two maps, the first uses simple colour-coded markers to identify locations cited in each publication (legend included in visualizations). Each of Carto’s layers represents a single  source/publication. The second map similarly uses colour-coded markers to identify data collected from MadrizMadrid me mata, and La luna de Madrid, and a ‘heat map’ layer to identify locations cited in El País. The heat map helps us compare and contrast the geographical range of the former publications with the narrow scope of the latter.

Recent findings culled from events listings and advertisements include the following:

  • 92 locations identified in Madriz  
  • 170 locations identified in Madrid me mata
  • 221 locations identified in La luna de Madrid
  • 13 locations identified in El País
  • Madriz, Madrid me mata  and La luna de Madrid identify locations in central and suburban Madrid
  • El País  identifies locations exclusively in the city center
  • Madriz, being State-supported includes a number of city-sponsored events, including religious music festivals that contrast rather shockingly with the often anti-religious sentiment and blasphemous culture of the Movida

Note: datasets can be found on my Carto page:


Images above: sample covers of Madrid me mata (or, MMM) and La Luna

Images above: sample advertisements and events listings


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